Poldo is our cat, our furry baby and our boss. He sleeps every night between us with a paw on Daniel' face and a paw on Valentina's face. When you call him he answers PRRRMEOW and he loves lizards at least as much as Daniel! 


Our dream job

We are grateful to be able to do what we love most in life: meet new amazing people from all over the world! We love serve real people in the best way possible!

We're capturing and saving the memories of one of the most wonderful days of my clients' lives and it's so amazing! It’s a life-giving job that we are so incredibly thankful for! And if our job wasn’t awesome enough, we get to do this full time together!!! Our biggest desire was to spend as much time as possible together and now this is reality. 


Our work is creative, and our goal is to share your unique love story. We get to know your interests and personalities in order to capture them forever in beautiful and personal photographs that tell your story. We invest time helping you become comfortable in front of camera and find the best lighting and angles for you and your backdrop.

Photographing weddings is the perfect way to combine the things we love: fascinating characters, meaningful relationships, and emotional stories. Collecting and preserving pieces of life reminds me to pay attention to how lucky we are.




One of the secrets to running a business that is personally fulfilling and life-giving is to be personally connected to your clients! However, in order to do this well, we realize that we need to be the first to let our couples into our life if we ever want the privilege of being a part of theirs! Allowing our couples to get to know us beyond the camera is one of our favorite aspects of our business!! You can begin to get to know here!

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"Once a year go someplace you've never been before". Dalai Lama

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We live in a farm and we LOVE animal!. EVERY ANIMAL!!!

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in our spare time

Though there are times when it seems like photography is all we do, we are really much more than just a photographers. If we could do anything in our spare time, it's always gardening!! We are also passionate about  DIY projects. 

 We are obsessed with all DIY shows and we LOVE  "Fixer Upper"! In fact, we  love decorating so much that we are building our forever home by ourselves! 

old and new traditions

We believe that traditions are really important, We are Italians, right? From homemade pasta (granny recipe) to buy a new Christmas tree decor every year, we try to start new traditions. 

Newlyweds sandwich

Choosing how and who is to best to remember your wedding is one of the most important decisions when planning for your day! This is a tradition: a sandwich selfie with you! Here with Patrizia and Scott from Texas. We love them so much!

after wedding dinner

Sometimes we deliver your album directly at home! This would be a new tradition! This selfie was taken in Oct 2017 in Belgium. It was a delicious dinner prepared by the newlyweds for us, for Helena the wedding planner and for the best men! 

Wedding inquires

Our top priority as a wedding photographers is to ensure that we are a perfect fit for each and every one of our couples. Because of this, we only take a limited number of weddings each year. Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience on your wedding day, and the first step is to ensure that we can serve you well. Let's chat more to see if we are a perfect fit! Or, email us directly at info@danielvalentina.com

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