Planning an Autumn Wedding in Italy

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
— Albert Camus
pomegranate stationary

They are celebrating their 'autumn wedding' bathed in the yellow warmth of autumn sunshine. 

Our story starts with an unusual protagonist: the pomegranate, full of sentimental value to us and symbol throughout history, and in almost every religion, of beliefs and desires, life and death, rebirth and eternal life, fertility and marriage, abundance and prosperity.
— the bride

Their wedding day the big pomegranate tree  in the garden had lost its leaves and was drooping heavily with its magnificent display of crimson-red fruit.


The surrounding woods are adorned with a transient beauty and the lawns are carpeted in gold, scarlet and crimson leaves.


The palette for the décor and accessories goes from medium-red, pomegranate, vermilion red to a more intense ruby- red and crimson. These colours were applied to the floral arrangements composed of pink avalanche and iguana roses, hypericum berries, star chrysanthemums and red-oak leaves.

The delicate wedding dress fits in perfectly with the elegant authentic country scene.

The pomegranate is the recurrent element of the décor: it appears on the original water-colour invitations and place cards hand made by DreamOnWedding, on the festoons, on the centre-pieces and even on the wedding cake. 


The table is set with antique plates in crimson and Liberty style cutlery. The antique tables and chairs are covered in bordeaux velvet.

Welcome autumn!