7 Things No One Tells You About Getting Engaged

This is THE moment: When your man got down on one knee — ring in hand — and asked you to marry him! No matter how long you and your fiancee dated,there are some truths you just don't find out about until you get engaged.

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1. You may not be perfect on the day of your proposal.

Every girl dream about the perfect surprise proposal! Do you see those perfect boys with perfect rings propose to those perfect girls in a perfect location?

Whatever fantasy proposal you had dreamed up may not happen in reality. You may not be wearing the perfect outfit on the day of your proposal or your hair may be a mess and you may wear pajamas. Try to let go of the fantasy proposal you dreamed up (in Venice, wearing a cocktail dress :D), because that most likely isn’t how it will go down. And that’s perfectly OK.

Your proposal story is more important than that fantasy proposal you might have had in your head, just because it's your story!

There’s a common idea that all perfect proposals need a surprise factor. But nothing’s wrong with organize all together. Picking out a ring together not only makes sense since you can ensure that it fits your finger and budget, but it can also be part of your engagement story.

things no one tells you about getting engaged.jpg
things no one tells you about getting engaged.jpg

2. You will be obsessed with your ring

You have this amazing ring on your finger. You know that it’s just a ring but it means everything to you!

Everyone is going to want to see the ring, so get a nice manicure!

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3. Saying MY FIANCÉ(E) or my husband to be is a little strange 

It takes some getting used to. The wedding day you will say all day long my husband, my hubby, my wife :D

4. You’ll have to tell your proposal story a million times.

As soon as you get engaged, everyone will ask is how you got proposed to. Get used to it. Telling and retelling the story is part of the fun of being engaged.

You can create a website to share all these informations with families and friends!

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5. People will ask you about everything before you've even had a chance to think about it.

As soon as that proposal happens… “Did you pick a date and a venue?”,“What’s the color palette?”,“Will you wear a traditional dress?” Someone should have warned you that as soon as you have a ring on your finger, people expect you to know every single wedding detail. 

Your answer can be "We're so excited just being engaged right now. I'm sure there will be plenty of time to figure out the details in the coming months." 

6. Everyone is an expert wedding planner

So apparently, everyone wants to share their experiences—the good, the bad and the ugly. There are plenty of reasons this happens. Some friends may be going through the postwedding blues and miss the excitement of planning their own weddings. Others may just think they're doing you a favor. 


things no one tells you about getting engaged.jpg

7. Someone may be not happy for you

Sometimes ther’s a person who may come off as less supportive as the rest of your friends. Pleas keep in mind that for every negative poeple you have dozen of frinds really exciting for you!

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