Wedding Micol + Daniele

Micol and Daniele, both Italians, celebrated their wedding in Santa Maria Degli Angeli, a suburb of Assisi

bride and bridesmaids dressing up

The whole Umbria region, but especially the area surrounding Assisi, has a great religious and spiritual tradition, due to the connection with history and life of St. Francis.

Santa Maria degli Angeli hosts a variety of anecdotes related to the Saint. For instance, here is found the thornless rose garden where he rolled, naked, in an attempt to overcome temptation.

Micol and Daniele know each other since they were children: their love is deep and long lasting and their wedding has a great spiritual meaning. That's why they have chosen such a spiritual place to celebrate it.

The ceremony took place at the church of the nuns Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (Chiesa delle Suore Bianche). Its entrance is very simple, while its interior is enriched with frescos portraying scenes of Christ's life.

santa maria degli angeli chiesa wedding assisi

This is a very sweet part of the celebration: after the Elevation, the groom (instead of the priest) gives the Host and the Chalice to the bride, and vice versa.

assisi bride

After the ceremony, the couple took advantage of the late-afternoon light, very warm in summertime.

The bride told: "On leaving the Church, the sunlight became an active part of the whole organisation and it seemed as though dancing sun rays appeared from behind an invisible back-drop, filling the hearts of everyone with love and joy."

They've had their portraits taken in the nuns garden, a place they are very fond to.

On the background, you can recognize the majestic Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli and its dome.

wedding assisi.jpg

I love this light and feeling. Thanks a lot to Micol and Daniele for sharing their experience and their love with us.


Enchanting Bride Groom: Micol & Daniele

Photography: Daniel&Valentina
Ceremony Venue: Chiesa delle suore Suore Bianche, Santa Maria degli Angeli (PG)
Hymns soprano singer: Sarah Piccioni
Dress Designer: Elisa L
Caterer: Il Cuoco Innamorato
Celebrant: Fr. Alfio
Make-up: Martina Pioli