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The Finest way to impress yourself is impress a film roll

It's your best photographic experience that you could ever had.

"Why shoot film?" This is a question I get asked a lot. Film is expensive. It is slow to process. It is time consuming to process. It can take weeks between shooting and having images available to share. Why would you waste your time with film when you can do it, faster and cheaper with digital?

This is what it means to us:

We love that film slow us down 

For us film has a psychology effect where we don't want to 'waste an image'. we are much more intentional in what I choose to take a picture of.


We love learning photography again

We love learning what the different films are going to look like when they are processed.


Stay focused on picture taking: 

ith film we stay focused on taking pictures. There is no image for us to look at and see if we got it correct. We have to trust our knowledge and our equipment.

We love the look and feel:




There is a intangible quality to the images that we just haven't been able to match with digital


We love when I 'get it'

It is a great feeling when we started 'getting it'. The thing with film is we can't just change a setting and fire off another frame. We need to slow down pay attention to what we are doing, drop my film off for developing, pick it up, scan it, and then see how it looks remember what we were doing.


We love remembering

We love getting a roll of negatives back from the lab and remembering the photos we took. We always find one we didn't remember. The distance from shooting to seeing is far enough that there is always a hint of surprise when we get the film back and it is these surprises we love.

It's a real experience, If you can invest more than normal service we suggest you to think about Film photography.


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