Wedding Timeline

Your big day. One of the most wonderful, crazy days you’ll spend together. The begin of your story. A day unique and beautiful to the both of you. All the people you lovetogether, in one place, at the same time for your wedding to share your love.

Choosing how and who is to best to remember your wedding is one of the most important decisions when planning for your day. These are your memories. Those images is what remains from all the planning and hard work and your wedding vision.

Wedding photography is once-in-a-lifetime investment. Choosing a pro will ensure that your day is photographed with attention to detail and to your needs.

The result of our work is your Love Story, something tangible to take away from the day.



During this time of day we will photograph your dress, invitations, bouquet and all you want.

Additional things to remember to bring: a hanger for the bride’s dress!

Remember to keep the room clear of all clutter, as clutter can really hamper our ability to find good places to shoot.



During this part of the day we will photograph you getting dressed, and putting all of your details on with the help of mum or friends.

Who do you want to be present during this part of the day. We will want to set you up in front of a gorgeous bright window.

Please keep in mind that in order to tell the story for your album, your photographers need to be present at all times of the day, that means we cannot split them up during the prep photos.



We will use this time to photograph the bride alone.

We don’t want to cut time from this part of the day because oftentimes these images help tell great stories for your album.



We want to have you dressed or semi dressed when we arrive at your suite.

Make sure to bring the things that you want like, for example,  a bottle of scotch, cigars, or whatever else you are in to.

Bart Stephanie Wedding-5 firstlook-0023.jpg


We love first look. Your fiancé will fall in love with you all over again. You will get the opportunity to have a moment together alone.

Bart Stephanie Wedding-7 Ceremony-0120.jpg




Family Formals can take place right after the ceremony or before the reception party. These images are incredibly important to have, and your family will want to make sure they include everyone important to you. To expedite this for both you and your guests, make a list of every combination of photos that you want.



Our favorite photos! We prefer to shoot these images at sunset to give you the best possible outcome because that is when the light will be the most flattering for both of you, as well as the scene. If there is anytime that needs to be cut from any other portion of the day, this isn’t it.



We want to shoot the details of your reception location. They will capture the uplighting and ambiance of the venue in it’s entirety.