10 things your wedding photographer wishes you knew

Hiring a wedding photographer ensures that all of the special moments from your big day will be capture, allowing you to treasure those memories for generations to come. We wanted to know what could make the photo-taking process even better, so we share some advice all photographers want their clients to know from the very start.

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Before you hire a wedding photographer, read this advices

1.Consider Artistic Style

When searching for a wedding photographer and deciding on your photography budget, keep in mind that you're looking for so much more than a product or a bargain. You’re searching for an artist that can speak to you through their images, and a personality that can bring a sense of calmness and organization to your wedding day. You'll need to first decide what type of photography style you prefer, as that will help determine which kind of photographer you'll want shooting your wedding. Wedding photography styles you need to know

2.Lighting Makes All the Difference

Lighting is the element that will make your images go from nice to stunning. We ADORE golden hour for romantic portraits and we try to build a timeline that allow us to have plenty of time during sunset. In addition if it is at all possible to get ready in a room or area that has abundant natural light or a nice big window, that is the best case scenario. Dark rooms make photos difficult and less beautiful. Sometimes we suggest to have get ready photos taken outdoor instead of dark and small rooms.

3.Time Really Does Fly so Plan Ahead

We wish couples knew ‘wedding time’ is not the same as regular time. When you think you have a half hour for photos, you really only have 15 minutes. Weddings are very fluid, and time just seems to sneak away.

Time is the hardest thing to come by on your wedding day. Always leave plenty of wiggle room, and consult with your photographer about their needs for time so you get the images you hired them for. When we build a timeline we add some cushion time every now and then so we have some wiggle room to work with.

4.Talk to All of Your Vendors

Convey your photographic desires with other vendors so we are all on the same page. We try to communicate with all other vendors, but having the bride and groom follow up confirms the importance. In our experience we buit some special relationship with a lot of wedding vendors and we took place in amazing team effort!

5.Do an Engagement Session First

Always take advantage of doing an engagement session! This enables you to become familiar with the style, approach and personality of your photographer, and will aid in making your wedding day that much more relaxed, fun and meaningful.

The wedding day will be a reunion with an old friend!

6.Portraits Affect the Entire Wedding Day

We wish our couples knew that the photography timeline of the wedding day is usually what dictates the schedule for the whole wedding day (make-up, getting ready, family portraits, ceremony time, cocktail hour), and it is best to talk about early on in the planning process.

7.Become Friends With Your Photographer

One thing that is super important is meeting (or Skype) before the wedding, even if it's not for engagement photos. It makes us feel less like a vendor and more like a friend, which in turn relaxes the whole day! All of our couples became fast friends af us and we often share more than the wedding day. We shared dinners, parties and even holidays together!

8.Honesty Is the Key

Ask questions, don't be shy. An open line of communication is fundamental for smooth photography coverage. Let us know if someone in the family doesn't get along with others or if there is a special dish you want to have photos of. If you need help or advices before the big day just ask!

9.Get Personal

Get to know the company on a personal level before committing. So many couples think it is not possible to get to know a company on that level, but they may be talking to the wrong ones. Check photographer’s website “AboutUs” page to discover fun facts about your wedding photographer.

10.Photography Is More Than a Job

The passionate photographer is the photographer who will not only go above and beyond for you on your wedding day, but will listen and try to capture each and every moment with purpose.